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We find solutions that work to your advantage and secure an easy approval.

With our partners, consultants, appraisers-property, we make a visit to the property to sell or rent, on request, provide a detailed photograph of the property, and video presentation. Identify the specific factors relating to the property. 

Economists - certified appraisers

Economists - certified appraisers University graduates Macedonia, meticulous research conducted by our office in the surrounding area, but also in departments where required (planners, municipalities, Forestry Services, Technical Area offices) that will involve the collection and investigation of information which will result in both the Technical and Economic Assessment of the property. Delivery to the customer signed by our Office, a copy of the assessment report, along with the folder with the data given to us at the beginning of the cooperation.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers for the signing of contracts of sale, housing and business , but also for the new leases of apartments, shops, buildings for both first and holiday home, the Notaries and the Tax Office already require, to be accompanied by contracts and new leases, with corresponding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).
However, in order for such a certificate to be issued, the building must be inspected by a certified energy inspector.
 Therefore, if you are going to buy and sell an apartment, business premises, building, etc. or to proceed with a new lease of premises, you can consult our experience and draw up with your minimum subscription, in the shortest possible time, the Energy Inspection of the building, issuing and the relevant Certificate.


Lawyers for safe and reliable control of your property as well as Architects and our many years of experience in the property, we guarantee the best result.


The successful and creative career due to our partners.

Our people with professionalism, creativity, team spirit and ethos that distinguishes them, managed to highlight the forumland, under conditions of intense competition as the most dynamic and innovative presence in the real estate. The ultimate goal of our work is the satisfaction of our customers.


Whatever your property needs, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch, and let’s achieve something remarkable together.

Spyros Dinos

Spyros Dinos

Real Estate Property Manager / Owner

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Dimitra Loubouti

Dimitra Loubouti

Valuer Certificate in Real Estate Property

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Markella Xasa

Markella Xasa

Real Estate advisor

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Ilias Katsikopoulos

Ilias Katsikopoulos

Real Estate advisor

+30 6984549954 eliasforumland{ta}gmail{tod}com

Real Estate advisor

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Secretarial support